You can follow
21 people

but the number of people

who can follow you is limitless.

What is XIRKL?

Xirkl is a free social network that limits the number of users you can follow to twenty-one but allows an unlimited number of users to follow you. Unlike other popular networks, Xirkl users control their social media experience, not advertisers. You decide who gets into your social sphere and who doesn't.

You can post text, images, links, audio & video files, and even live video in Xirkl, and you never have to scroll through tons of junk to get to what's important. Noise, clutter and intrusive messages are completely eliminated, and following only twenty-one people isn't really a constraint, it's a gift.

The fewer the number of people you follow, the more important these people are to you. It's that simple. This very basic premise reshapes how social networks will work the future.

About Us

Xirkl was invented by Anneke DiPietro, a 15 year-old junior at Stanford Online High School who had grown frustrated by her social media options and decided to create something better. She imagined a safe, private social network that met the needs of its users, not its advertisers. Xirkl (pronounced "circle") is built upon the simple notion that everyone deserves a safe and meaningful social media experience without being overwhelmed by advertisements and annoying spam. To prove there would be a market for such a social network, Anneke ran a successful Kickstarter campaign that received contributions from all over the world. You can see her Kickstarter video here.

She is currently working with Xirkl's development team to design and build Xirkl's beta release platform, due in the spring of 2016.


Xirkl is months away from launching and we're already showing up on people's radar. Here are a few examples:

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Tell Me More

If you'd like to learn more about how Xirkl works for you, send us a note at and we'll get right back to you.

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